Karpeles fom the Berouner Kreis, Bohemia in 1793 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Our new SIG member >from Honolulu, Philip Moravcik,
wrote to me about his quest for families in the
Berouner Kreis [I have his permission to quote]:

"My ancestors were named WEISS, KARPELES, BACK/BECK,
FURTH, LIVITUS and HECHT. They lived in the
villages of Belec, Krupna, Dobris, Suchomasty, Tman,
Hlasna Treban - all near Karlstein castle.

My KARPELES' came >from the area around Beroun 30 km
west of Prague. I visited the village (Belec) 2 years
ago ..... a few old folks that I found there ...
purported to have some memory of the Karpeles'.
There is a war memorial (WWI) in the village that
mentions 2 KARPELES'. My relationship to the
KARPELES is this: my gt-gt-gt grandmother's sister
was married to Abraham KARPELES. As you can see
I'm being very inclusive in my research."

Well Philip, I also like to branch sideways >from the
family tree and find fascinating links/facts. In this
posting, I will concentrate on the KARPELES family -
although KARPELES is a common Jewish family name,
there were only three KARPELES families living
in the Berouner Kreis in 1793:

1. Moises and wife Anna. Moises was a Flusssieder [see
footnote]. It relates to extraction of potash from
wood ash for glass, soap and other industrial uses.
Moises lived in Letschitz [Velka Lecice] and was a
Schutzjude in the Karlstein estate. Lucky Moises and
Anna, or perhaps because of the Familianten laws we
should consider him unlucky, had four sons: Schimek,
Markus, Jakob and Samuel and two daughters Franziska
and Katharina.

Living with them was a tutor, Lazar Michel, also a
local resident. We must assume Moises was quite well
off and wished to educate his family properly. This
was the only Jewish family living in the village.

2. Jakob KARPELLES [sic] and wife Ludmilla living in
the village of Draschkov and a Schutzjude on the
Skreyschow [Skrysov] estate. Jakob was in fact the
distiller on the Drahhof [Drachkov, Drazkov] estate on
which lived 11 Jewish families in 1793. And this lucky
KARPELLES family too had four sons: Markus,
Moyses, Abraham [third-born] and Isak.

3. Finally we have a a big contrast: the poor widow
Rachel KARPELES, who supports her four children by
begging. She lives in Litten where the family are
Schutzjuden. Litten had 19 Jewish families and I am
delighted to say that Nathan PASSARA, who was a
"Hochzeitsbedienter" also lived in the village. I have
written about Nathan and Abraham PASSARA [Spassmacher
by Judischen Hochzeiten ie literally a fun-maker at
Jewish weddings before [see footnote].

The KARPELES & PASSARA families must have known
each other in this small community!

Rachel KARPELES has a first-born, Abraham, another
son Raphael and two daughters Ludmilla & Renata.

I do not know the dates of Philip's gt-gt-gt
grandmother's sister's marriage to Abraham KARPELES
but if it took place in the early 1800s, he has two
Abraham KARPELES to choose >from in the Berouner Kreis.
The son of poor Rachel might be the the best choice as
he is an "erstgeborener" ie first born. If so, I
think I would be willing to bet that the PASSARAs
arranged the wedding festivities! What fun to take a
glimpse at the actual wedding through our research.

Only further research in the marriage records will
confirm this.

Celia Male [UK]

Austria-Czech archive references:

1. Flusssieder and Aschensammler - scratching a living
in 18th century Bohemia - 23 June 2004
2. PASSARA and weddings, 7th and 18th August 2004
resp: "Familianten, Conversion & Wedding Festivities
in Berauner Kreis, Bohemia" and "Wedding celebrations
in Bohemia"

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