Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech FW: Tziltz family of Prague in Simon Hock's book "Die Familien Prags" #austria-czech


I promised Carole Vogel to look up her Zuelz (Tziltz) ancestors in Simon
Hock's book "Die Familien Prags". The entries are in Rashi Script.
Burials on the Old Jewish Cemetery were carried out between 1439 and

I have the book here now.

There are three Zu(Umlaut)lz (Tziltz) burials mentioned.

1. Mordechai ben Asher died 5372 (1612)
(Carole, I believe this is the Mordechai you are looking for, now you
can add one more ancestor to your tree, his father Asher.)
2. Hersch ben Abraham died  5549 (1730)
3. Mosche ben Scholem died 5533 (1773)

Anybody who would like me to look up names please let me know as I have
the book on loan for a month..

Peter Zimmer, Muenster, Germany

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