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Dear All,

This is my first letter/request to you.

I am looking for information about my ancestors, Emma and Paul NEUMANN
and their family. They lived in Vienna.

Here are the details I have:

Emma NEUMANN was the daughter of Yaakob/Jakob and Johanna POLLAK. She
was probably born in Budapest around 1880-1890 (she had a sister,
Regine, who was born in Budapest in 1878, and a brother, Lajos ). Emma
grew up in Vienna with her father's sister and husband, Johanna and
Karl KOPPEL. She married a Paul NEUMANN, who was a fur merchant. They
had a daughter, Grete, and a son(?).

They still lived in Vienna in the beginning of 9/1940. By that time
the daughter was married. I don't know what happened to any of them

I checked Yad Va'shem and the Austrian list - Dukumentationarchiv des
oesterreichischen Widerstandes, and found some people by that name
(Paul and Emma Neumann). However, these are popular first and last
names, and as I don't have their dates of birth or addresses in
Vienna, it is difficult to match the name/s with the people I am
looking for. For that reason I haven't contacted yet the International
Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, Germany.

I'd appreciate any ideas that will help me find more information about
Emma and Paul Neumann and their offsprings.

Thanks for your help. Please reply in private (hnshani@...).

Hannah Shani

Ottawa, Canada

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