Changes to format of individual messages #dna

Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

In the last couple of months, JewishGen has had to contend with new
policies ("DMARC") >from several e-mail providers that have affected
all Internet e-mail lists. For a couple of weeks many posts failed to
reach about half of our subscribers to individual messages ("Mail"
mode). Digest subscribers were not affected. We were able to change
our settings so all our subscribers are now receiving posts, but it
became difficult to respond directly to the sender of the post.

We have now changed the settings for Mail mode to fix this problem.
If you receive individual posts, you will notice two changes:

1. The sender's e-mail address will appear as part of the "From" line
in the post.

2. If you "Reply" to a post (but not to a digest), the reply will go
to the sender.

As a reminder, the mailing lists are intended for posts of general
interest. Personal responses to and questions about a post should be
directed to the sender of the post. The lists are not appropriate
places to conduct personal correspondence.

To read more about the technical aspects of DMARC and how the new
policies are affecting e-mail lists, see

Dick Plotz
Manager of Mailing Lists
JewishGen, Inc.

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