logistics of matching with a specific person #dna

Helen Gardner

Hello there.

I am in email contact with a person who may be related to me.
Neither of us has our data on your system. He knows nothing
beyond his father, and I know nothing beyond my grandmother,
but his family came >from Warsaw, as did mine, and his surname,
Mlynarz, is almost identical to that of my grandmother, Mlynasz.
Since it is not a common name, there does seem to be a
possibility of a relationship.

It seems we would need to use MtDNA and we may need to use the
full sequencing because we cross gender lines.

In practical terms, how would we use DNA sequencing to test
whether we are related? We both live in Australia, about 150
miles apart. We are meeting on July 8, but I suspect that's too
soon to get anything going, as I haven't even asked him yet
whether he would be interested in doing the matching. Would we
need to submit our samples together? If the samples need to be
sent to the US, is there a problem with how long they may take
to arrive (4 days to a week using airmail, and if we need to send
them together, add a few days for post >from one of us to the other
for sending on together)? I assume we get a report giving us the
likelihood of us being related.

Could you please advise me on the best sequencing plan, and the
logistics of managing the process.

Helen Gardner

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