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We're excited to re-launch Success! Stories
( as a more-or-less
monthly webzine, featuring edited stories of ancestor and family
connections made through JewishGen.

This time around we're highlighting the kinds of success stories
that we read about almost every day on the JewishGen mailing lists
and discussion groups.

These stories emphasize the "who-knows-who" approach that list
members make possible, including nearly 5,000 readers of the
JewishGen Discussion Group, thousands more who read the SIG mailing
lists, and around 86,000 users of the JewishGen Family Finder.

Allan Karan reconnected with cousins and connected with an entire
new family line >from a single posting of names and a photo to the
JewishGen Discussion Group.

Michelle Essers was just starting her research when she sent a query
to the LitvakSIG mailing list in hopes of solving a family mystery.
A reader working with another researcher "thinks outside the box"
and recognizes a possible connection, and the sleuthing pays off.

Rita Redlich listed her great-grandfather's shtetl in the JGFF and
not only discovered cousins all over the world but also met a
Holocaust survivor of the same shtetl who showed her where her
family's business had been on a map of the town.

Meredith Hoffman and Nancy Siegel have worked with the authors to
edit these pieces for publication. In addition, the Heard on the
Lists column features emails that capture an entire story, or an
exciting research moment, in one page. Be sure to read this month's
terrific story-in-an-email by Israel Pickholtz. We're sure you'll
be inspired by these stories and we encourage you to send Meredith
and Nancy your own success stories for possible future publication
(their email is success@... )

Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc

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