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I'd like to echo everyone's sentiments regarding Celia Male.

In May 2008, learning that a few of the ITS-Bad Arolsen Trip researchers
would also be coming to Vienna, she arranged to be there herself and planned a dinner for over 30 other
genealogical researchers who came >from all over Europe to join us in an evening of socializing and
exchanging information.

She also met me at the archives in the Gasometer and helped me perform the simplest tasks (figuring out
the lockers!) to the complex (ordering records, how to look in the microfilm drawers, finding unusual
sources, analyzing info, etc.) Fortunately, I was able to videotape her guiding me, so that others could
benefit when I incorporated these clips in a presentation about the value of conducting research in Vienna.
She offered practical, no-nonsense, and expert, advice that made my research expand by light-years. I
doubt I could have accomplished much of what I did on that trip without her assistance.

Celia epitomizes the random acts of genealogical kindness that we all aspire to give and receive, except
she performs these on such a regular basis, they can hardly be called "random," but, more appropriately,

So hats off to Celia...and best wishes for her speedy recovery!

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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