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Ittai Hershman

I have reached the point in my research when I need to deal with the Vienna
Meldezettel. The extended family is called Hornstein and there were a
number of heads of household with that name (some who died in Vienna are in
the IKG cemetery database). They key people I am researching arrived in
Vienna circa 1919 >from St. Petersburg and departed circa 1931 for E"I via
Berlin. I am most interested in the earlier years.

The Stafford Lookup Helper yields the top 5 hits for the 1859-1928 films:

100.0% (1291) VAULT INTL Film 1649522
86.5% (1290) VAULT INTL Film 1649521
75.7% (1289) FHL INTL Film 1649520
73.0% (1292) FHL INTL Film 1649523
70.3% (1306) FHL INTL Film 1649772

My inclination is to order only the first 2 given the percentage
distribution, but perhaps I can benefit >from the experience of those who
have preceded me?

Indeed, perhaps one of you already has these microfilms on loan or has
previously looked up this surname?

Could you drop me a line privately if you have any specific information that
could help me?

Many thanks,
Ittai Hershman

P.S. Other than the Meldezettel and the BMD records held by the IKG are
there any other archives -- particularly in regard to immigration from
Russia in the 1919 post-revolution period?

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