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"My ancestral surnames are: AUSCH (Praha) AUSTERLITZ (Wien) BEER
(Lomnice, Radimer) BIEDERMANN (Bratislava, Wien) BITTNER (Breclav) . . . "
and so on.

It may help you to recognize that many of the cities you mention are
names of the same city, taht vary with period and language. Thus
Bratislava = Pozsony and Pressburg
Brno = Bruenn
Breclav = Lundenburg
Praha = Prag or Prague
and so on.

It is worth checking out location names in a good atlas or dictionary for
other names
for your locations. You can search for towns of Jewish significance at
_www.jewishencyclopedia.com_ ( , or at
_www.encyclopediajudaica.com_ ( or
simply use any
web-browser. Better yet, check it out at jewishgen's ShtetlSeeker
< _
( >
which gives you all the names by whicch a location has been called and also
you a wealth of maps, neighboring towns, distances.

Michael Bernet
New York

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