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Geni shows the power of collaboration. True, Geni is not as good a product
as I think it ought to be, it is not standards or wiki-based and is based on
a for-profit model, but ....
because of geni, I am connected with many people in my family whom
i never knew before and whom i would never have found on my own. I have
only started entering my family and I have dozens of people collaborating
with me.

True, I have no control over my tree, but it is not my tree to control. It is a
very extended family tree and i can see nothing better than if it was one tree
that included everyone. Wikipedia has shown how much more information
you can get by collaboration and perhaps surprisingly, how much more
accurate information is when you have collaboration.

Geni has its problems and i mentioned some of them above, but it is a
wonderful tool. Think of the extra information that we get by working
together. JewishGen has provided some of that and provides much more
"control" in the way it does sets up the family tree of the Jewish people.
Frankly, I prefer having more collaboration.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

George Farkas

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