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Logan J. Kleinwaks

An 1891 address and business directory for Prague, "Adressar kralovskeho
hlavniho mesta Prahy a sousednich obci Bubence, Karlina, Smichova, Kr.
Vinohrad, Vrsovic a Zizkova," is viewable online at It is also
searchable there through the site-wide full-text search engine (along with
other genealogically useful sources). To view page scans, you must first
install a plugin for your web browser that can display .DjVu images, such as
the plugin available at (or, you can
download PDFs of at most 20 consecutive pages).

This directory is also full-text and soundex searchable at, and search results link directly to the
matching page scans (viewing them still requires a .DjVu plugin). Results
might vary between the two sites due to their using different OCR processes.'s search engine also includes an "OCR-Adjusted" search
option that will attempt to find matches despite common OCR errors,
although, generally, the OCR accuracy for this directory is very high.

Note that this directory includes masculine and feminine forms of surnames,
both singular and plural, so you might want to search for multiple forms.
If you search at, variant surname forms will
automatically be added to your search under certain circumstances described
at This will usually
happen if you select "Czech + Slovak" >from the place drop-down menu, your
search term is a single word, and you are not performing a soundex search.
For example, if you search for "Novak," results for "Novakova," "Novakovi,"
and "Novakovy" will also be included; if you search for "Horacek,"
"Horackova" will also be included, etc.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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