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I am researching the Ascherman families of Bohemia on behalf of the family of a friend. (Decendants of
Nathan Ascherman who lived in Chicago.) In the course of my research, I have come across several other
Ascherman families and their descendants >from the same area, and some who believe they are related but
are not quite sure how. I am hoping that we can find out how the families are linked. Below I have gathered
information on several different families, along with some individuals. I tried to list the families in groups
below with a space between each family group

Please let me know if any of these names are familiar to you, and if you have any more information about
how they might be connected.

Very truly yours,

Sasha Mitchell, Asheville, NC

Below are the family connections I know of so far, and all of them originated in Bohemia:

Joseph Ascherman (likely b. before 1818)
Bernard b. 1838 Bohemia married Rosa Singer
Eduard married Fannie Geissman
Millie married Henry Bergmann
Clarence Bergmann
Victor Bergmann
Frederick E. Ascherman
Julius Ascherman- died Dec 2, 1930 self inflicted gunshot Chicago, IL
August Ascherman
Marie Ascherman

Another Family: (not sure how/if they are connected to above)
Name Birthplace relation Notes
Leopold Ascherman Bohemia head brothers: Karl (husband of Cecilie) below & Joseph - I know nothing of Joseph
Josephine Kohn Bohemia wife
Emil Ascherman Voltirov son
Helen Ascherman Bohemia daughter
Jack Green Helen's husband
Lottie Ascherman Bohemia daughter
John Berry Lottie's husband
Mary Ascherman Bohemia daughter
Rose Ascherman Bohemia daughter died 1955
Ignatz Ascherman 1872 Bohemia son
Marie Mertzel 1874 Ignatz's wife children: Josephine, Leo, Charles, Bertha, Margret, Alma, Milton, Lawrence. Leo's grandson Herbert is also researching
Josef Ascherman 1874 Bohemia son
Augusta Josef's wife children: unknown to me

Karel Karl Ascherman 1857 Zahoramj husband brother of Leopold above & Joseph - I know nothing of Joseph or his family
Cecilie 1857 Rannke wife children: Max, Adolph, Rudolph, Jennie, Joseph (listed directly below)

Max Ascherman 1884 Bohemia husband
Katie Mertzel wife sister to Marie Mertzel, Ignatz's wife
Lillian Ascherman daughter married Schoenberger, their daughter Carol is a family historian

Adolph Ascherman 1886 Prague husband joining brother Josef Ascherman 72nd St. arrived May 1, 1921, cousin Arthur Ascherman in Prague
Ida 1891 wife
Ella Ascherman 1901 daughter
Jiri (George) Ascherman 1903 son

Rudolph Ascherman 1886 Prague husband cousin of Ignatz Ascherman (son of Leopold & Josephine 424 E. 77th St.)
Sophia 1890 Bohemia wife
William Ascherman Manhattan son

Jennie Ascherman 1890 Bohemia sister

Joseph Ascherman 1892 Bohemia brother
Matilda 1896
Emily Ascherman 1926
Carol Ascherman 1929 married a Pepper - lives in FL - also interested in the history

Solomon Ascherman 1840 Bohemia died 1930
Katherine Kaufman 1850 Bohemia
Samuel Ascherman Bohemia
Pauline Ascherman Bohemia arrived NY 1906, died abt 1908 (self inflicted)
Otto Ascherman Bohemia
Hugo Ascherman Bohemia had a wife and daughter. Daughter married Otto Gutman - they moved to London
Emil Ascherman Bohemia later used the name Ambroz
Clara Ascherman their children: Hanna, Frantisek
Ernestine Ascherman 1873 Bohemia
Henrietta Ascherman 1881 Bohemia arrived NY abt 1891
Bernard Reinisch 1870 Henrietta's husband their children: Philip, Lillian, Keo, Edwin - Lillian's Granddaughter Michele is researching
Oscar Ascherman 1883 Bohemia arrived NY abt 1886
Jennie Ascherman Oscar's wife their children: Charles, Stanely, Barbara

Another family of siblings (parents unknown) - all >from Bohemia and lived in Chicago:
Moritz Morris Ascherman 1863 died Dec 1923 Chicago
Bettie Bertha Ascherman 1864 Austria
Samuel Levin 1854 German Bertha's husband their children: Henry, Fred, Emma, Jacob, Florence
Nathan Ascherman 1867 Bohemia
Ottile Tillie Kaufman 1869 Germany Nathan's wife their son: Elmer - this is the family I started researching.
Ludmilla Millie Ascherman 1873
Joseph Weisel 1872 Milie's husband their children: Sindey, Blanche (Kraus), Edna, Helen (Osterman)
Rosie Ascherman 1876 died 1943 unmarried

Assorted Ascherman names - I do not have family connections beyond what is listed below
Joseph Ascherman 1852 Bohemia arrived June 10, 1869, died age 52 died Sept 30, 1905 Saloon Keeper 892 N. Kedzie Ave. bullet wound in left breast and chest self inflicted with a revolver with suicidal intent
Katerine Ascherman 1893 Bohemia divorced? age 32 on Oct 19, 1925 (b. abt 1893) occ. dentist under Marriage status says "Dd."en route to NY (son, Mr. T. Ascherman. U Radnice 24, Prague)
Edvard Aschermann 1869 Bohemia Deported with transport Bv >from Terezin to Treblinka on 15/10/1942. Edvard perished in the Shoah. This information is based on a List of Theresienstadt camp inmates found in the Terezinska Pametni Kniha/Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch, Terezinska Iniciativa, vol. I-II Melantrich, Praha 1995, vol. III Academia Verlag, Prag 2000.

Jindriska Aschermannova 1870 Deported with transport Dr >from Terezin to Auschwitz on 15/12/1943. Jindriska perished in the Shoah. This information is based on a List of Theresienstadt camp inmates found in the Terezinska Pametni Kniha/Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch, Terezinska Iniciativa, vol. I-II Melantrich, Praha 1995, vol. III Academia Verlag, Prag 2000.

Kamilla Aschermann 1896 Klucenice married Neumann. born to Eduard and Jindriska. She was a housewife and married to Wilhelm. Prior to WWII she lived in Wien, Austria. During the war she was in Wien, Austria. Kamilla perished in 1941 in Minsk, Camp. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her daughter.
Caterina Ascherman 1883 Bohemia widowed widowed. nearest relative >from whence alien came "Wife" Max Ascherman at Prague. arrived Nov 27, 1920.going to Brother Leopold Rosenfeld 565 5th AVe at New York City, NY=

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