Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech cadastral maps for Bohemia and Moravia #austria-czech


This excellent and fascinating resource indeed does have the map for
Rousinov okres Rakovnik but appears to be missing those for Rousinov
formerly Neu Raussnitz, Slavkov u Brna formerly Austerlitz or even Brno.

Can anyone tell us whether Moravia has been totally omitted or are these
maps missing or are they just not yet scanned?

Tom Heinersdorff
London, UK

CHAT Neu Rausnitz/Rousinov, Budapest, Graz, Vienna (Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria)
RECHNITZER Kormend, Graz, Idaho, San Francisco (Hungary, Austria, USA)
MENZEL Vienna, London, Melbourne, Diekirch, (Austria, UK, Australia, Luxembourg)
STRASSMANN Bzenec, Graz, Voitsberg (Slovakia, Austria)
NEUMANN Graz, Vienna (Austria)
COHNER Graz, Vienna (Austria)
TOFFLER Vienna, USA (Austria & USA)
TILLER Vienna (Austria)
FOGES Vienna (Austria)
HEINERSDORFF Breslau/Wroclaw (Poland)
PRINZ Breslau/Wroclaw (Poland)
FRIEDLAENDER Berlin (Germany)
SCHULZKE Potsdam (Germany)
FRANZ Berlin (Germany)
BOLTE Laufendreen, Dortmund (Westfalen, Germany)
The family names and towns I am researching are in the JGFF under my ID

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