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Thank you, Peter Rohel, for following up Celia Male's posting and pointing
out (15th May 2010) the probable connection between my CHAT family and the
BACHRUCH sisters, both of whom appear to have settled in Paris.

Yes, there does indeed seem to be a connection, because Jakab CHAT (born
1847, divorced 1892) and my great grandfather Eduard CHAT (1841-1888),
KravattenErzeuger, had registered a company together called Brueder Chat
which was dissolved on 18 March 1881 when each (presumably) brother then
formed their own company, in Eduard's case Ed Chat & Bruder with Adolf Chat.
Celia Male discovered all this for me in the gasometer commercial registers,
and explicit and legible transcripts appear in the NFP, which Celia also
showed me how to access.

Connecting Jakab with Eduard and finding the marriage of Jakab with Hermine
BACHRUCH (confirmed for me by a copy of the register sent me by Sam
Schleman) allowed me to identify my presumed great-great-grandfather,
Abraham CHAT and my great-great-grandmother Katalin MATZNER, both also from
Neu Raussnitz. A working hypothesis, at least, and one that gave my mother
the satisfaction of knowing for the first time (on her 95th birthday and 3½
months before she died) the names of her father's grandparents.

Abraham CHAT was Almosencassiere at the Raussnitz synagogue in 1847,
according to Rabbi Dr H Flesch, who also identified a David CHAT in the
Steuerbuch Raussnitz 1808. Rabbi Flesch it is who suggested (Jahrbuch der
Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft 1930; Das Neu-Raussnitzer Steuerbuch,
p103, which Celia Male helped me unearth) that the origin of the CHAT name
could be David CHAT = David CHADAN = Hebrew for son-in-law = son-in-law of
David. However, my mother had been told that the name originated in the
Hebrew word for tailor, Chayat. Since both Eduard and his son Arthur were in
the tailoring business, as indeed were Eduard's brothers Jakab and Adolf,
what my mother was told is not impossible but is also a beguiling word game.

It is not clear to me that Abraham's father was David -- I need to go back

I do know >from a probate document in the Jewish Museum, Prague (discovered
by Celia, and retrieved after many months, e-mails and telephone calls),
that Israel CHAT died in 1855, leaving 5 children who had not yet reached
their majority, including a David and Alois (who became a plumber in
Vienna). Alois (1838-1913) had a son called Isidor, who died as a child. But
another Isidor CHAT (1844-1917) married Pauline, who was described by my
grandfather Arthur as Tanti Paulina in a letter of 1926. So perhaps that
Isidor was another brother of Eduard.

And in that same letter (transcribed by Gunther, husband of my 4th cousin in
the USA discovered thanks to Google!), my grandfather mentioned "Vetter
Alfred", presumably the Alfred CHAT, 1878-1929, Ingenieur Oberbaurat on the
Austrian railways, alongside whom is buried his son Walter CHAT who died
only 7 years ago ?. just missed him! Walter CHAT filed a
VermögensVerzeichnis (discovered thanks to Celia Male) which demonstrated
that it was his sister Johanna who wrote to my mother in 1981 >from England
and as Joan Stevenson suggesting that they meet. But at that time, my mother
didn't want to remember and did not follow up? missed again!

May I take this opportunity for a big and public thank you to those
mentioned above who have been so helpful, especially Celia Male, who made
the further research of my family her first task on her first weekend home
after months in hospital. I would have achieved little without the
extraordinarily kind and helpful, intelligent and knowledgeable Celia.

Back to those marriages, could it be that 2 brothers married 2 sisters? I
have absolutely no information about the origin or fate of Henrik/Heinrich
CHAT. Nor do I have any information about the circumstances under which
Eduard, Jakab and Henrik CHAT married in Budapest in 1872, 1874 and 1878

Do I need to confirm the obvious, that I would be very interested in any
additional information or which fills the gaps or consolidates my working

Tom Heinersdorff
London, UK
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