Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech New Course: Using JewishGen to Research Your Ancestral Roots #austria-czech

Phyllis Kramer

Our third course begins (November 1) with an introduction to
JewishGen, Jewish History, Culture and Naming Patterns, Geography and
Jewish Communities. It moves into JewishGen Researcher and Country
Databases and closes with practical hints on translating original
documents, finding researchers, Cemetery and Holocaust research. Our
research is limited to what we can find on the Internet.

The course will run 5 weeks and includes 7 downloadable text lessons
and a forum on which you can post one of your family branches to
research and ask questions.We require that you post to the class
forum; no exceptions. You'll need 8 - 10 hours a week to read the
lessons and do the assignments.

Is this the right course for you? Yes, IF you've done enough basic
genealogical research to know your immigrant ancestor's Hebrew names,
approximate year of birth, originating town. If you are an experienced
researcher and have already found your family in European databases,
this is not the course for you.

To enroll, please go to and review
the detailed description of the course; then click on the "enroll
link", and pay online with our secure system (there is no Value Add
waiver for this course, only for the Basic course). After reading the
description of the class (which begins November 1) at, if you still have questions, please send
an email to JewishGen-Education@....

We are looking forward to another great course!
Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager
Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education

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