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By any chance, does anyone have the family tree of Alexander "The Great
Magician" HERRMANN?

from Wikipedia: "Alexander Herrmann, (February 10, 1844 December 17,
1896), was born in Paris, France, the youngest of sixteen children to Samuel
Herrmann, a German Jew, and Anna Sarah Herrmann, of Breton descent (although she
may in fact have been born in Hamburg, Germany). It was said that Samuel
Herrmann was a physician who occasionally performed throughout Europe as a

Samuel Herrmann: According to the Herrmann family lore, Samuel Herrmann was a
part-time magician and full-time physician. Samuel Herrmann was a favorite of
the Sultan of Turkey, who sent for the magician often. The Sultan paid a
princely sum for the entertainment. It has been said that he was receiving so
much attention >from the elite of Paris with his magic shows, that word spread to
Napoleon himself, who wanted Samuel to perform for him. Napoleon reportedly gave
Samuel a gold watch for his performance. Alexander Herrmann was carrying the
gold watch on the day of his death. It was passed on to his widow. Eventually
Samuel's practice as a physician demanded more of his time so he quit magic
With the birth of his eldest son, Compar [Karl], in 1816 in Hanover, Germany, he
decided to settle down to continue his practice. Samuel Herrmann played small
towns around >from 1817 in Germany and moved his family to France. "
Ron Herrmann

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