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I am new to this list and researching for a friend. Her grandfather was P
WIENER who escaped the Nazis and fled to England where he married in 1939.
The family believe that some members of the family (names yet unknown)
perished in camps, but 2 brothers named Fritz WIENER and Bruno WIENER
survived and were last heard of in Prague in 1950. They have no idea what
happened to them, whether they died or emigrated elsewhere.
The only clue I have found so far is a Fritz WIENER born 1912 who was
liberated >from Flack Kaserne Munich in 1945. This is almost certainly one
of the brothers but I cannot find anything further about him or any
reference to a Bruno.
Just hoping that somebody may have a clue - at least to where I can look
Thanks for your time.
Juliet Evans

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