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Before outlining what has transpired in the month of November in the Yizkor
Book Project, I would like to take time to salute our very (very) small but
extremely dedicated team of volunteer htmlers - Max Heffler & Osnat Ramaty.
These wonderful people have been in the Yizkor Book for many, many years and
their experience, patience and never-say-no attitude is very much
appreciated. Max is also multi-tasking in a great deal of other projects and
he is the man behind the regular updates of our necrology database - an
extra salute to him! The necrology database, by-the-way, can be researched

And on the subject of research, I am often sent messages asking if a Yizkor
book is available for a particular community. If this is a question you're
been asking yourself, I highly recommend you look at our Yizkor Book
database to see what book(s) are available for the community you're
researching and if we have a Yizkor Book Project already online, you will
note a hot link to the available translation in our site.

Something new to our projects. We have began adding in hot links (where
appropriate) >from project main pages to the original Yizkor Books that are
available at the NY Public Library site:

Since we have hundreds of books, we still have a lot to add but we see this
a great help for those who are able to read the books in their original
languages, and is on our long list of "things-to-do".

As always, the Yizkor Book Project relies on the help of its many volunteers
and if you feel that you have time to assist - knowledge in translation or
editing not a must, I would definitely like to hear >from you.

Now to the November figures. During this last month we have added these 4
new projects:

- Maydan, Ukraine (Majdan, Carpathia: The names of the Jews and their fate
in the Holocaust)

- Melnitsa, Ukraine (Melnitsah: in Memory of the Jewish Community)

- Ratno, Ukraine (Memorial book of Ratno)

- Sarnaki, Poland (Memorial Book of the Community of Sarnaki)

Added in 17 new entries:

- Ciobiskis, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Cekiske, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Cerksbale, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Dabeikiai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Dabikine, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Darbenai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Darsuniskis, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Daugai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Daugailiai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Daujenai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Dauksiskis, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Deltuva, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Devangole, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Dilon, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Dirviniskis, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Keidaniai, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Leova, Romania (Pinkas Romania)

We have continued to update 23 of our existing projects:

- Bialystok, Poland (The chronicle of Bialystok)

- Dotnuva, Lithuania (Letters >from Dotnuva)

- Fehergyarmat, Hungary (Our Former City Fehergyarmat)

- Garwolin, Poland (Garwolin Memorial Book)

- Goniadz, Poland (Our hometown Goniondz)

- Gorodets, Belarus (Horodetz; history of a town, 1142-1942)

- Grajewo, Poland (Grayewo Memorial Book)

- Kaluszyn, Poland (The Memorial Book of Kaluszyn)

- Kaunas, Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Kolki, Ukraine (Summoned >from the Ashes)

- Lipno, Poland (Book of Lipno, Skepe, Lubicz and Vicinity)

- Lithuania (Pinkas Lita)

- Lomza, Poland (Lomza Yizkor Book)

- Marculesti, Moldova (Markuleshty; Memorial to a Jewish Colony in

- Ostrow-Mazowiecka, Poland (Memorial Book of the Community of

- Pultusk, Poland (Pultusk memorial book)

- Ratno, Ukraine (Ratno; Story of a Destroyed Jewish Community)

- Rokiskis, Lithuania (Yizkor book of Rakishok and environs)

- Siemiatycze, Poland (Yizkor The Community of Semyatitch)

- Serock, Poland (The book of Serock)

- Telenesti, Moldova (Yizkor Book of the Jews of Teleneshty of Bessarabia)

- Tykocin, Poland (Memorial book of Tiktin)

- Valkininkai, Lithuania (Olkeniki in flames)

Please remember that all this month's additions and updates have been
flagged at to make it easy
to find them.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Hanukah,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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