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Jan Hellmann wrote how software such as Gadwin Printscreen can
facilitate the process of making screenshots >from the Prague City
Archives Prague "Census". For example such software allows one to define
the area to be captured, rather than the whole window as when using the
ALT+PrtScn combination. I have been using ABBYY Screenshot Reader for
this purpose.

However this does not address the question as to whether it is possible
to download the digitized image in its original resolution.

The problem with the printscreen/screenshot-type approach is that one
has to enlarge the image on the screen in order to "see" the original
resolution. This means that one has to create several screenshots for
each image. These then need to be "stitched" together. Again there is
software available, but it is time-consuming to get it done perfectly.


Peter Lowe
Hertford, England

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