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Pamela Weisberger

Gesher Galicia recently announced the launch of our new search engine,
The All Galicia Database, and already people are making discoveries
which are taking their research in entirely new directions.

The database is at: and features
172,954 records >from 41 different data sources, covering everything
from birth, death, marriage and divorce records to phone books, school
and landowner records, all >from the former Austro-Hungarian province
of Galicia.

A few additions and clarifications are in order:

I forgot to thank one very important member of our team.=A0Tony Kahane
of London, England, coordinated the extraordinary indexing work for
Zbaraz, Ukraine which is still continuing.=A0 Kudos to Tony!

Surnames in birth records--why are some missing?

When searching birth records, you'll notice many results with "No
Surname" listed.=A0 Many Galician marriages were religious ones, not
civil, and therefore not recognized by the=A0 Austrian government.
Consequently, the child would be registered as illegitimate and no
surname noted in the record.=A0 By looking at the parents surnames, you
can deduce the child's, but sometimes the father is missing >from the
record, and only the mother -- and mother's surname -- is listed, so
be sure to also search based on the maiden name.=A0 Also keep in mind
that many Galician children ended up keeping the mother's maiden name,
adding to the confusion.

Can I search/sort by town field? Can I limit my searches to certain years?

There is no search button by town or year, but after searching by
surname, when the results come up, look at the left-hand column.
Under "Record Sources" it will display the databases that have those
names and the number of results. By clicking on the town or database
of interest, the results will then be sorted by town. Under the
left-hand "Year" heading you can choose to view records for a specific
year. And don't forget to click on the + plus sign to view the
drop-down details on each record. The icon to the far right of each
record tells you quickly the record type.

Coming soon will be the following completed indexes:

Birth records for Zbarazh -- 1897 and 1899
Cadastral (Property) Records for Rohatyn -- 1846
Land records for Buczacz -- 1879
Land records for Grzymalow -- 19th Century
Land records for Krystynopol -- 1784
Residents of apartment buildings in the Jewish Quarter of Lviv -- late
19th and early 20th Centuries
School records for Zbarazh -- 1911-12; 1912-13; 1913-14; 1927-28

We are in the process of indexing data >from property, voter and land
records already obtained by Gesher Galicia, along with the remainder
of the still-being-transcribed birth, marriage, and death records from
Lviv...and more!

If your town is not listed, consider leading a town indexing project.
All of our data transcriptions were coordinate by volunteers. If you
are motivated, but unclear on how to go about coordinating a project,
get in touch with me and I will forward your request to one of our
Gesher Galicia leaders who can provide you with guidance.

Why should you check the All Galicia Database and be curious about
Galician records if your family came >from Russia or Congress Poland,
or Bukovina, Hungary, Bohemia or Romania?

The Jewish population moved around a lot, even in the 19th century.
Historically there was always a relationship between Hungary and
Galicia. Families >from Czernovitz routinely traveled to places like
Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg) or Brody. Bohemia and Moravia were part of the
same Austro-Hungarian Empire as Galicia and people traversed the land
surprisingly often for trade, match-making, and business. Train travel
was relatively easy then and sometimes en route to America or England
families left their place of birth for a temporary way-station in
other cities.

Sally Bruckheimer just wrote, after searching the AGD that there are
usually no "clear answers in genealogy." She believed that her LINDER
family had been >from Odessa and Berdichev, but found many people with
that surname living in Lviv, 350 miles away, so now she has new paths
to explore. Check out your surnames on the All Galicia Database, and
see where it might lead you too!

Pamela Weisberger
President & Research Coordinator
Gesher Galicia

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