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Dennis Wulkan

Can anyone help finding my father's descendants. So far I have searched
the Jewish Gen databases, online records >from St. Polten/Vienna, and
Polish records and the Internet with no results. Limited information is
available because my father was orphaned at an early age:
Feodor WULKAN, b. 10/10/ 1882 in St. Polten, Austria, d. December 14,
1927 In St. Polten Austria, buried in Jewish cemetery in St. Polten.
Feodor served in the Austrian military in WW1.
Feodor's father -- Bernard or Bernhard Wulkan, born 1848 in Oswiecim
(Oshpitisin) in what is now Poland.
Any suggestions much appreciated may be sent to dwulkan@....
Kind regards,
Dennis Wulkan
Seattle, Washington, USA

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