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I am at present indexing the BMD records for Frauenkirchen, formerly
also called Boldogasszony, now in the Burgenland. It is well known
that in earlier days child mortality was quite high, but I did not
realize how high it was.
In the year 1858 there were 25 deaths in the Jewish community of
Frauenkirchen and among those were 15 children under one year. They
died of various diseases and I was able to figure out some of them,
such as AUSZEHRUNG (consumption), WASSERSUCHT (dropsy) and ENTARTUNG
DER EINGEWEIDE (degeneration of the intestines).
However two escaped me. There was one case of LUNGENLO"SUNG (not
LUNGENLA"HMUNG) and there were four cases of ANGELSPERRUNG.
I did find on the internet a few German lists of "old" diseases but
those two were not there. Any ideas?
Henry Wellisch

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