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Re Robert Fraser's report on food parcels to Terezin:

My relative Friedrich SCHLAEFRIG, an architect >from Vienna, gave an interview
in Paris in 1946 about the years 1938-1945, including the 3 years he and
his wife were in Thereisenstadt. The interview is on the Voices of the
Holocaust website at
At one point he says,

"At this time, one of our woman-cousins who was with us in Theresienstadt,
was . . . was sent away with a transport to Auschwitz. But this cousin had,
fortunately, connections abroad, and through these foreign . . . foreign
connections she had received >from Portugal, >from Denmark and Sweden, mercy
packages [love packages]. When she departed she told us . . . told my wife,
'See Fanny, I would not like that the packages which should arrive here,
should get lost, that the Gestapo simply should take them, or other people to
whom they don't belong. I am leaving here for you an endorsement, so you
should get the packages. Take the packages, unfortunately you cannot forward them to me . . . '
the packages which our cousin . . . left behind with us, have kept us afloat during
the next few months. They returned us to a condition; the little bit of fat, sugar
and cheese, and what else we got, has literally saved us >from a hunger death. "

He goes on to describe getting other food packages >from a relative and a friend
who were still in Vienna.

June F. Entman
Memphis, Tennessee

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