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I had recently posted a query( 2/8/12) for information on Rabbi Vorhand of
Prague and I have received several replies. His son , Rabbi Moshe Vorhand,
also replied to me that they are working on an account of his activities. I
am attaching two links about Rabbi Vorhand for whoever is interested. My
original thought was that he had been involved in some way with arrangements
for the shipping of weapons >from Czechoslovakia to Israel. I have been
informed that it was unlikely; however, he very much was involved in
getting Jews out both before and after the War to Eretz Yisrael and after
the war was actively involved with US government representatives and the
Czech government in negotiations on behalf of the Jewish community. has emphasis on his activity
inCzechoslovakia has emphasis on his activity in US.
from all accounts I have received, he was highly regarded and beloved as a
spiritual leader and a Talmid Chacham.

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