Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Dissertation on Early Prague Jewish Economic activities and Liber Judeorum Albus #austria-czech


I found a fantastic dissertation dealing with 16th century Prague's
Jewish community.

This work (in German, with a short English abstract on page 288) is
quite comprehensive (331 pages) and is mainly based on the Liber
Judeorum Albus. It gives a lot of background information about Jewish
economic activities of several Prague Jewish families (among them some
of my Brandeis ancestors).

The "Liber Judeorum Albus" which are quite hard to read and again very
comprehensive can also be found online.

There are 36 volumes (covering the period >from 1577 to 1793) online with
several thousand pages each!

They can be found under the Prague City Archives website

under 'Collection and Manuscripts"



Peter Zimmer, Muenster, Germany

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