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Logan Kleinwaks

Peter Lowe posted a helpful guide to using some of the Prague
directories searchable through (and
viewable through Kramerius) to correlate street addresses and house
numbers. He gave the example of finding Sigmund Fischl in the 1884
directory {d425} at Prague II, Marianska ul. 30, then looking in
another section of the directory to find that that street addresses
corresponded to house number 1615/II. Then, he remarked, "The listing
is easy to use in going >from street address to cadastral house number,
but is time-consuming in the other direction as one needs to search
for all house numbers; unless one can one make good guesses at likely
streets. Maybe someone could use OCR to create the reverse listing??"

In fact, you can already do the reverse lookup at The directory is full-text searchable,
so a search for 1615 {d425} finds the house number in two places where
the corresponding street addresses is also given. The only caveat is
that, if you are searching for a number that is sufficiently small
that it also appears in street addresses, or in multiple districts of
Prague, then you will receive many search results in addition to the
one you are looking for. Here are two workarounds in that case:

Suppose you are searching for house number 54. This is a small enough
number that it appears in street addresses, unlike 1615. So, if you
just search for 54 {d425}, you get more than 200 hits, overwhelmingly
for pages containing street addresses ending in 54. But, we know from
Peter's post that the street address -> house number correspondence
occurs near the end of the directory, so you can get around this
somewhat by scrolling down the list of search results until you get to
matches with a large image number.

The second workaround, which seems to be easier generally, but is more
affected by OCR errors, comes >from noting that the way the text has
been OCR'd, the house numbers in the correspondence section often
appear in sequence in the OCR'd results, like this: 52 53 54 55 56.
So, instead of searching for 54 {d425}, we search for "54 55" {d425}
(with the quotes). This reduces the number of matches to just 10,
which are nearly all in the correspondence section.

Note that, in the above examples, many of the search results show that
the matching text is '54, with an apostrophe. If you look at those
images, you will see that they correspond to 154 -- the OCR has
mistaken the 1 for a '. Keep this in mind if you are searching for
house numbers including the digit 1.

If all else fails, you can manually search the correspondence section,
but the above approaches are worth trying first.

Finally, note that, in addition to the 1884 and 1896 Prague
directories most recently added, there are similar directories from
1871 {d208} and 1891 {d270} on the site, as well as other directories
that include, but are not limited to, Prague (either listed in the
"Czech-Slovak" or "Multinational" sections at Also, an 1859 Prague
directory not yet searchable is viewable at

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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