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In case anyone has not already done so, it is worthwhile paying close
attention to any birth registers that feature a column headed "Pathen",
indicating an individual sponsoring the new-born child. By doing so, I
was able to form a table of children for which my
great-great-grandfather Salomon Z Aufrichtig had put his name forward.
Coincidence or otherwise, it transpired that the mothers of most of
these children were Aufrichtig girls who, although I knew they had at
one stage shared the same address as Salomon, did not have any official
documentation to confirm them as siblings. I now believe that Salomon's
involvement in their children's welfare reinforces the likelihood of
kinship. Does anyone know if the role of "Pathen" was one normally
adopted by a relative?

I wonder, too, if anyone else has come across "odd" entries when
researching family members. I have thus far concentrated all my efforts
on Boskovice, since that is where my direct line is traced back to the
1700s. In all registers, there are lines in which a column entry has been
entered as ditto (") marks. I had assumed these to indicate that the
entry in this column was a repeat of the one directly above.

This worked fine, until re-checking the entry on g-g-grandfather
Salomon's daughter Vogele. At that stage I noted that in the next two
lines in the Father column, directly beneath Salomon's name, each had
the male parent listed as " ". I uttered OMG and stared at these two
lines in disbelief! The Boskovice registers also have a column to denote
if the child be legitimate or born out of wedlock. Sure enough, both
these children were entered as illegitimate. In case anyone is willing
to have a look at it, it is within the 1832-1848 Boskovice Birth
Register, image 22 (April 1842).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Ronny Roberts, London & Bradenton, FL
(Moravia), WODAK (Moravia)

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