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Hello to all:
I have posted a signature >from a Romanian birth record on Viewmate. I am
looking for an English translation of the Yiddish signature. Also, if anyone
has an ideas about the possible root meaning of the surname and a country
of origin affiliated with the surname I would be very interested in
learning. The signature is that of my Great Grandfather whom I know virtually
nothing about other than what is stated on this birth record of my Grandfather,
Solomon (Samuel Zeitler in the USA). The officials wrote the name of my GG
as, Filip Taitler on birth certificate. It states that he was a tailor
living on Poets Street in Bucharest, married to Miriam Joseph Grinberg. The
record is >from 1884. If anyone has any information on this family would you
please email me?
The Viewmate address is:

Thank you,
Manette S. Zeitler
Bristol, Indiana

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