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Simon T

Apologies if this is old news (i might have missed this before on the
SIG) but I think i have mastered the creation of a high quality
multiple page PDF >from the Czech registers at

Once you have opened a register you will see the "page number" text
box, just below the current page being viewed (between the navigation
arrows, the tick button and the printer symbol).

What you need to do is browse the register and make a note of all the
pages that you want to include in your PDF file. Up to 20 pages can be
saved in each file.

Then after you have finished noting down the page numbers, type them
in to the text box separated by commas in place of whatever else is
e.g. it might say "3/150" if you were viewing page 3 of 150 but
replace this with "1,3,4,5" (without the quotes) or whatever list of
pages you require.

DO NOT press the tick button at this point, just press the Printer symbol.
After a few seconds you will have a PDF image on the screen which you can save.
After saving, to return to the register i needed to right click the
PDF on the screen and press the Back menu item

I hope this helps some of you - i was using Google Chrome as my
browser so cannot guarantee the results with anything else.

Simon Torrington, UK

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