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Further to Simon Torrington's helpful description of how to obtain
multi-page PDF files, I rechecked the resolution/quality of the PDF file
as this was a problem that was previously discussed on the SIG.

At least in my hands, the PDF is not as high "quality" as the original
image, and I could not see a way of adjusting the PDF compression level
to overcome this.

So saying, in general the PDF quality is fairly good.

However, for those records where details of the handwriting are critical
to accurately read them, it is still better to maximize the picture
quality (by sliding the bar under the image to the right to the desired
size and quality), ensuring that the image is large on the screen and
then taking a screenshot ( or multiple screenshots & merging). Of course
this is time-consuming, and theoretically still leads to some loss of

If I have got this wrong, I would love to hear how to more easily
achieve a copy of the whole image at the original resolution/quality

By the way Google Translate of the Czech notesunder an image, gives
these instructions:
"Click the icon to generate PDF printing the displayed reproductions. To
print multiple reproductions write their numbers separated by spaces
(1,3,4,5) or range (1-18). You can generate a maximum of 20
reproductions in a single PDF file."

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England

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