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Hello all,

I need some help figuring out a family I am researching. I am
interested in the LUSTGARTEN family that emigrated to New York from
Lukavec in 1901. They always said they were >from Prussia but I see on
some censuses they listed it as Austria. I did some digging and was
able to find their hometown. It is now in the Czech Republic. Can
anyone tell me if they've had any success in researching there? Did
this town have a strong Jewish community? Any chance of any Jewish
cemeteries or records still intact?
I am hoping to plan a family roots trip there in the spring if I'm
able to figure out more information and would love to get guide
Thanks for your thoughts and help.
Rishy Savin
Researching LUSTGARTEN >from Lukavec, Czech Republic (old Austrian Empire?)

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