Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Reply to Gene Jensen re Feiss to Deker name change #austria-czech

Paul King

I am replying to Gene Jansen through the SIG because my private response has
been impeded twice because of "failure of recipient server". Elements of my
response have already been addressed by others.


You may want to check on the following possibilities for name change:

a) the family converted to Christianity.
b) Deker - the Hebrew root is DKR which means to stab or pierce. If you know
the trade of the household head, perhaps there is a connection.
c) Roger Lustig's suggestion also may hold; with the 1815 return of
territories west of the Rhine to Prussia and the German states, people
probably would have to declare or renew their status and this might provide
the opportunity for a name change.
d) Rahel is the Hebrew name; Regina is the 'given' or Christian name. She
may have been registered with both names at birth but only one appeared. I
might add, parenthetically, that names were not important in those days - no
social security existed - and often a person would be registered each time
under a different name so that some people had as many as seven first names
ascribed to them at different times. I have a documented ancestor with 5
first names and 2 surnames - each document giving one first name and one
surname. It does make genealogy a bit more difficult.

Paul King

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