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Connie Malone

I am searching for the descendants of Benjamin Grau. >from his passenger
list, Benjamin, a butcher, arrived in New York in November 1911, as Pinkus
GRAU, >from Kuty, Poland (formerly Poland, Galicia, Austrian Empire; Kuty
today in the Ukraine).

Benjamin was born sometime 1894-1895 in Kuty. His father was Moses GRAU, a
butcher. My mother said he was the youngest of 7 known children: Mordecai
(born 1880), Welwel (born 1885; Henny (born 1887), Miriam (born 1890),
Joseph (born 1892, died 1972), and twins Rachel and Rivka. Hearsay, we
believe Benjamin died shortly after Joseph's death.

I emphasize "ESTRANGED Benjamin" because sometime after the 1925 New York
census and before the 1930 US Federal Census, he left his wife, Rose, and
his son, Frederick, also known as "Freddy," and may have gone to California.
Benjamin did not want his family to know his whereabouts. The only people
who remained in contact with Benjamin were his brother Joseph (a
self-employed jeweler/watchmaker) and Joseph's wife Celia. It's possible he
may have changed his name and may even have another family, I just don't

Benjamin's son, Frederick, was born possibly September 1919 in New York.
Benjamin's wife, Rose, born about 1895 in Poland. >from census records,
Benjamin, self-employed as a butcher, and the family resided in New York on
39th St, Brooklyn in 1920; Prospect Ave, Bronx, in 1925; and 47th St,
Brooklyn in 1930. Brother Joseph and Celia lived on Flushing St, Forest
Hills, Queens, New York.

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Connie Malone
La Mesa, San Diego, California

ZWIEBACK (Vienna, Austria; Kuty, Stanislawow, Poland/Ukraine);
GRAU (Kuty, Poland/Ukraine; Israel; USA);
SENDER (Kuty, Stanislawow, Poland /Ukraine; USA);
OREN (Israel);
MINSTER (Kuty, Poland /Ukraine);
VERNEY (London, United Kingdom); SULLIVAN (Cork, Ireland/London, United
And all variant spellings.

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