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Dear SIGgers,
Collective thanks are due to wonderful austriaczech genners, Hanus
Grab, Jan O. Hellmann, and Julius Muller, for translating the marginal
note recently posted on ViewMate.
Added in 1953 to a [copy of an] 1887 birth record, the note led Hanus
to, where he found details of the person's married name
(Irma Tolarova, nee Bullavy or Bulowa of Liten), final residence, and
transport details. The date of her final transport, >from Terezin to
Baranoviche, Belarus, turned out to be exactly one year before the
date of death assumed on the marginal note, according to the one-year
statute of Czech law.
Thanking ViewMate, and reminding us all to stop and notice the marginalia.
Judith Berlowitz
Oakland, CA

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