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Jessica Zering

Hello all,
I am attempting to locate a Pepa EDELSTEIN (also known by her Hebrew name
"Tehila") or her descendants. In 1999, she lived in Haifa and wrote Pages
of Testimony for Belka and Chanaly DORNFELD, as well as for Malka and
Jiska ZIRINK. I would love it if someone is able to put me in touch with
Thank you!
Jessica Zering
Pullman, WA, USA

Currently researching:
ZIERING/ZIRING/TZIRING/CIRING - Dolina, Rachin, Stanislawow
ZERING - Chicago, IL
TEICHER - Dolina, Rachin
DIAMANT - Dolina
SOBEL and HONIG - Dolina
KAHAN - Dolina, Stanislawow

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