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Paul King

The translations into English by Hellman and Pearman of articles on the
Jewish communities of Liberec (Reichenberg), Roudnice nad Labem, and Beroun
(announced 23.2.2013) are a major contribution for those who do not read
German or Czech to an understanding of these specific locales, as well as of
Jewish Bohemian history. Supplemental reading may be obtained in the
following texts:

Isa Engelmann, Zide v Liberce [Czech edition]
Reichenberg und seine juedischen Buerger [German edition]
(ISBN 10: 364311737X / ISBN 13: 9783643117373 )
Unfortunately, new and used editions are somewhat pricey.

Fritz Neubauer's response to two comments on Isa Engelmann's book may be
found at:

In personal correspondence several years ago, Ms Engelmann noted in relation
to my question about the use of material >from the article in Hugo Gold's
book that "Having registered all the files of the Jewish inhabitants, I was
able to give the follow-up after 1933 including the list of victims of the
Shoah and I could also include the very many Reichenberg residents of Jewish
origin, who had converted or married Christians and were not considered by
Dr. Hoffmann, who refers only to the members of the Jewish Community."

Rabbi, Prof., Dr. Hoffmann also wrote a short article entitled "Wallensteins
Stellung zu den Juden Ein Gedenkblatt zum dreihundertsten Todestage des
Generalissimus," in Zeitschrift fur die Geschichte der Juden in der
Tschechoslowakei, January 1934: 1-5. Wallenstein was responsible for
settling the Bassevi family and other Jews on his Frydland estate.

For the tribulations of the Jews in Roudnice nad Lebam see Legnerova, Hana
(2003) "Self-government of Jewish Communities in Nobility-owned Towns in the
Second Half of the Seventeenth and Beginning of the Eighteen Centuries
Roudnice nad Labem (Raudnitz), Postoloprty ((Postelberg) and Udlice
(Eidlitz)," Judaica Bohemiae XXXIX, 5-26. [Appendices 27 ff.] Less genealogy
but there are names.

I give the usual disclaimer re no financial interest in the Engelmann book.

Paul King

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