DNA testing for sephardic gene, etc. #dna

Laura Lott <lauralott78@...>

Dear All,
Please forgive the inevitable redundancy of my question: I just joined
and I'm certain this question has been asked many times.

I have somewhat recently gotten genetic testing through 23andme, and
it confirmed 48% Ashkenazic DNA. This is on my paternal side. I was
adopted and my maternal grandfather's name was Leon Blake Moorer. I
have traced his family back only so far on ancestry.com (to
Switzerland in the 1800s) but, while I realize that it is reaching, I
am not convinced and I have my suspicions that there is Sephardic
Jewish DNA on that side.

Please advise: What tests are available to accurately further analyze
my DNA. Luckily now I am most interested in my maternal side, but I
have a twin brother who also got the 23andme test done after much
convincing >from my part.

I do not have much money as it stands today, but I would prefer to
have a test that could be a little more explicit in Jewish genetic
analysis, so I am willing to pay more (even if it means saving and
waiting until I can afford it). Further, I am wondering if there is
not a way to utilize the 23andme data, or if another test should be
run -- probably a silly question.

Thank you so much for your time and response. I truly appreciate any
advice regarding this matter. As an adoptee, answers are all I seek at
this point.


Laura E. Lott

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