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According to Bennett Greenspan of FamilyTreeDNA, there is currently
no identifiable genetic Y-DNA difference between "Ashkenazi Jews"
and "Sephardic Jews" (reference his current 2015/2016 talk "The DNA
of the Jewish People"). There may be some differences on the MTDNA
side, but he didn't really get into that in his latest talk. IMHO,
MTDNA isn't all that useful because the differences go back much
farther than are useful to genealogists.

The best we can do, IMHO, is identify DNA that is similar to people
who self-identify as "Sephardi" or "Ashkenazi." That said, the best
place for Jews to test (IMHO) is FamilyTreeDNA.

mindie Kaplan

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Dear all,
There have been a number of emails lately requesting information
about which dna test is best for showing Sephardic dna. I would also
like to know any answers to this.

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