Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Familiant Translation Request - German #austria-czech

Brian Blitz

I would appreciate if anyone could help me translate a page written in German >from a Czech Familiant book
and also interpret the notations.
The ViewMate link is:
Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you very much.
Brian Blitz
New York, NY
Researching: GLICKSTEIN/GLUCKSTERN (Sniatyn, Kamenka, Bukowina), LANGER (Krakow), KLIMPL
(Radetice and Prauge, Bohemia), FREIMUTH (Lasovice, Bohemia), SALZ (Krakow, Jaworow),
HAUSELBERG/HEISELBERG (Krakow, Jaworow), WEBER (Jaworow), ZIMMERMAN (Jaworow),
HEIMBERGER (Lvov, Brody, Drohobycz, Vienna)

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