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Hello everyone,

during family search regarding my partner Reinhard's ancestry in Moravia, we made a very interesting
discovery: a direct ancestor of my partner stems >from a jewish family and was baptized a few months
before his christian catholic wedding! The entry in the church book of Simanov says:

Am 1. Maerz 1829 wurde der am 6. Mai 1805 geborene Israelit Jakob Katz, ein ehelicher Sohn des zu
Schimanau (Simanov) verstorbenenen Israeliten Fleischhauer Adam Katz, in Folge Hoher Gubernial
Bewilligung (= Regierungsbewilligung) vom 3. Februar 1829 N 4413 dem christkatholischen Gebrauchs
nach getauft, von dem damaligen Pfarr Administrator P. Frantz Kratschner, in Gegenwart der rechts
gefertigten Zeugen, und bekam den Namen Joseph Swoboda.

In English:

On March 1st 1824, the Israelit Jakob Katz born 6th May 1805, legitimate son of the deceased Israelit
butcher Adam Katz >from Schimanau (Simanov or Kellersdorf), was baptized to the christ catholic religion
by priest Frantz Kratschner according to highest administration approval, in the presence of witnesses,
and received the name Joseph Swoboda.

His brother Herrmann Katz was also baptized a bit later to marry a catholic woman, his name became
Jakob Swoboda.

The parents of these two men were Adam Katz who died in Simanov (Kellersdorf) and Rosalia Fischer
who was born in Cizov (Zeisau), both in Moravia near Jihlava and Humpolec. They should be born around

Simanov (Kellersdorf) today belongs to Jihlava (Iglau). In the past it belonged to different communes and I
haven't been able to figure out with all my research, which Jewish Community Simanov and Cizov belonged
to around 1800. I also checked the archives of Prague, but the Jihlava files begin with 1860, which is too
late for our case. I also checked the Gemeindeview website and looked for familianten books. I found some
Katz and Fischer in the Cazlav region, but Jihlava doesn't have any family names listed. So we are kind of

I don't know if this helps, but my partner's mother used to tell stories about a man named Isidor Katz, who
was a family legend. It's not sure when he lived, if her father has still seen him with his own eyes or if it
was a story passed on >from parents to children. Isidor Katz was said to be a rich man who during his
wedding threw money >from his carriage into the crowd. My partner's grandfather was born in 1893 in
Purkersdorf near Vienna, but was raised in the house of his grandmother Anna Swoboda in Vyskytna nad
Jihlavou (Deutsch Giesshuebl), which is not far away >from Simanov. Anna Swoboda's husband was the son
of Jakob Katz who had become Joseph Swoboda. I wonder if Isidor Katz could have been a relative, like
maybe the firstborn son of Adam Katz who was allowed to have a Jewish marriage?

We would like to find out details about these relatives and we'd be very, very grateful for any help.

Thank you for reading
Eva Kuntze

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