Re: which DNA test to choose #dna

Sarah L Meyer

In general I would recommend an autosomal test >from FTDNA, Ancestry
or 23&me. Without the health issues, I would recommend FTDNA - and
then upload to GEDMATCH. Only 23&Me provides health information -
and it has the lowest response rate to genealogy inquiries >from any
of the three companies. On the other hand with your health issues,
there may be an advantage to 23 & me (it's cost is double the other
two), and you may not be able to upload to depending on
the chip that they use when your kit is processed. is a
third party free website, where you can get matches >from people who
tested with the other two companies.
One other thing Facebook has a group Ancestry-
GEDMATCH-FTDNA-23&me-Genealogy, with experts who can help you with
many of your inquiries. Tracing the Tribe and Jewish Genealogy portal
also deal with Jewish genealogy. You might want to join these boards
first and see what other's think of the companies. There are several
professional genetic genealogists who are on the above mentioned DNA
board (which is general and not specifically Jewish).

Sarah L M Christiansen
Georgetown, Texas

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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 22:26:10 -0500

I am a new member of Jewishgen, and I am hoping to discover my Jewish
"roots". I was not born to Jewish parents, but I have always felt Jewish
and I have converted.
I have been diagnosed with pseudo-cholinesterase deficiency, which I have
learned is a genetic disorder common to Sephardic Jews. I would love to
learn more about how DNA testing can help me with my research.
Thank You.
Francine Licata, Stockbridge, MA, USA

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