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Julia Trainor

Dear fellow researchers

My Great Grandfather Leopold Gottlieb (1846-1930) was born and lived in
Unter Reditz (now Dolni Redice, Holice, Czech Republic), and lived and
died in Grulich (now Kraliky, Czeck Republic). These towns were in Bohemia,
close to the border with Moravia.

I understand that in 1893 Leopold Gottlieb obtained the right of domicile,
and that this was a great blessing for the family.

Here is an extract >from a letter that refers to this right of domicile. The
letter was written by his son in German language, in 1954:

" ... Wenn ich noch berichte, dass Vater im Mahre 1893, nachdem er das Haus
gekauft und umgebaut hatte, in Grulich das Heimatsrecht und damit die
Zustandigkeit in Grulich erworben hat, so habe ich alles berichtet, was ich

Dieses Heimatsrecht in Grulich war eine grosse Wohltat for uns alle: stell
Dir nur nor, dass wir alle moglichen Dokumente in UnterReditz hatten
anfordern mussen, von welchem Cechischen Nest nicht einmal Vater wusste, wo
es liegt ..."

Does anyone know what this right of domicile was?

This is my first post to a genealogy discussion list. I have checked the
Jewish Encyclopedia online without success; also the archives of the
Austria-Czech list, where I found a similar question but no answers.

Julia Trainor
Canberra, Australia

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