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I met with Dr Lenka Matusikova and Dr Michal Durovic on Monday morning here in Prague to discuss
the latest round of restoration. They showed me the 200 acid free (flat) boxes sitting in a corridor upstairs
which will be folded and the Matriky inserted shortly. Each Matrik or register of the Vital Records has been
measured individually to fit into each archival box made here on order by a Czech company. Dr Durovic is
head of the conservation department at the National Archives and he actually made up one box to show me
how it will work. It was a smaller size than the usual Matrik for an Index book.
These boxes will store 200 of the Jewish Matriky which are loose leaved and unbound and have been in a
terrible state as a result of years of use.
Ten Matriky have also been completely restored by conservation both in the laboratory of the Archives and
by commissioned private restorers. The last such Matrik is expected to be delivered next week and then
Dr Durovic has promised me a final report.
Some of you have contributed as I have to these restoration efforts by donating funds and I am happy to
send you more information off list if you are interested.
Daniela Torsh
Prague and Sydney

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