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Dear Austria-Czech siggers,

In 2009 we founded the Frankfurt DNA project to document the Y-DNA signatures of the major families of
Europe who had surnames prior to the 17th century. Our theory was that there would be many researchers
who would be DNA matches with one of these well-known families and could jump their pedigrees back by
hundreds of years by virtue of these matches. There would likely be missing generations in the paper trail,
but ultimately the deep pedigrees would be revealed.

We are now actively researching the Austria-Czech area because most of the old Frankfurt families had ties
to Prague and Vienna, as well as villages throughout Bohemia, Moravia, and Hungary. We have found descendants of the Bacharach rabbinic family in Kolin with a different surname, and Wertheimers who are the same genetic family as the Bacharachs. We expect there are many others who are descended >from these old Frankfurt families and don't yet know it.

If you have any of the surnames listed on our website, (e.g. Bachrach, Wertheimer, Spira, Weil, Rothschild,
Oppenheim(er), Guggenheim(er), Brill(in) and more), please get in touch.

If you have not had your Y-DNA tested, regardless of your surname, now is a good time to order the 37
marker test, as it is on sale at through year-end. If you match with a well-documented family,
it's like winning the genealogy lottery.

Please visit our brand new website, with DNA information, family charts, and more.

Rachel Unkefer and Janet Akaha, co-administrators
Virginia and California, respectively, United States

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