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Barbara Ras Wechsler

Dear fellow genners

Who can answer the following question or give me hints on who to =
approach, resp. which institutes, etc to contact?

1. What travel documents were needed to travel within Austria-Hungary prior to
2. If travel documents were needed, did this also apply to the Jewish population,
especially before restrictions were lifted?
3. What travel documents were needed to travel beyond Austria-Hungary prior to
1914? eg to Constantinople, Alep or Cairo. Here too, were there special rules
for Jews?
4. Where did one apply for the documents?
5. Did subjects of Austria-Hungary have to register at the Austrian-Hungarian
consulate? I stumbled over some remarks in Iasi saying "Austrian subject
registered at the Austrian Embassy of Constantinople.
6. Were births, marriages or deaths registered at the consulate prior to
1914 or between the wars? Or did entries in church registries suffice?
If yes, who validated the entries?
7. Were applications etc. for travel documents archived and if yes,
8. Where are documents of the Austrian-Hungarian Consulates archived
today? Who can I contact if I'm searching for documents, such as court
cases or probate records of Austrian subjects living abroad in the
1800's and early 1900's?
9. Does anybody know, if Austria maintained an Consulate in
Cairo/Alexandria, Egypt between 1920 and 1938?

Thanks for any tips.

Kinde regards
Barbara Ras Wechsler

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