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Alex Calzareth

In the past (2004 and 2008) I was able to order copies of relatives'
probate files stored in the Vienna Stadt- und Landesarchiv(MA 8) by
e-mailing the archives. A few weeks later I would receive back a
letter detailing the copying charges.

This week I contacted the archive by e-mail with another request and
received back a form response directing me to their paid research
service (at 70 euros per hour). In addition, the archive now charges 1
euro per page.

Has anyone had a recent experience with the archive's paid research
service? Would there only be charges for the time it takes to look up
the files in the indexes?

I also see >from the archive's web site however that scans made by
visitors to the archives can be made for around 18 cents each. Can
anyone recommend someone who could be hired to research these files?
Please respond privately with any recommendations.

Thank you

Alex Calzareth
Wantagh, New York

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