Re: How to interpret "% Jewish" in a DNA report? #dna

Israel P

MtDNA will not tell you about the "mother's side." It will only tell you
about the mother's mother's mother's mother's... line. In other words one
of your 16 great-great-grandparents, one of your 64 fourth-great-
grandparents etc.

As to the original question, those percentages are not to be taken as
anywhere near precise.

And aside >from that, you don't know if 25% means one grandparent or eight
third-great-grandparents in different directions or what.

Israel Pickholtz

Sandra Jean Breemes wrote: I recently found out that on Ancestry I am 20%
Jewish and on 23andme I am 23% Jewish a fact that I didn't know. I am
wondering if by the amount you can tell how far back in my line this
is? I would love to know which side it is on but that is something I
guess I will never know.

One way to find out is to do the FtDNA mitochondrial test to see if
the Jewish connection is on your mother's side.

Janette Silverman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator
Lead Co-Chair 36th IAJGS Conference in Seattle Aug 7-12, 2016

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