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Hello everyone,
I have posted four documents that I recently received >from the Archives - IKG Vienna. I am
requesting as complete a translation as possible please in the hopes that the information
will assist me in delving deeper into my family's genealogy.

Documents 41538 and 41539 are pages >from an application by/for my parents, Max and
Olga ROSENBERG to leave Vienna. I understand the names given as references so no need
to translate that section.

Document 41540 is the record of the marriage of my parents, Max ROSENBERG and Olga
ROTH (recte DANK).

Document 41541 is the record of the marriage of my maternal grandparents, Schulim ROTH
(recte DANK) and Sidonie LOWENHEK.

Please respond via the form provided on Viewmate. Thank you so much for any assistance
you can provide.

Siddy Rosenberg

Louisville, KY

Researching: ROTH (Lipa, Poland); LOWENHEK (Rybotycze, Poland); ROSENBERG (Russi
Moldovito, Austria-Hungary now Romania); SCHNEIDER (Russi Moldovito, Austria-Hungary
now Romania); (DANK (Lipa, Poland); SAMEL (Jaroslaw, Poland) and all of the
aforementioned in Vienna, Austria

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