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I am trying to trace the last resting place of my aunt Theresia/Therese
FELDMANN born 13th December 1897 in Vienna, Austria to Wilhelm and Bertha
FELDMANN. The facts as I know them are;
She emigrated to Palestine before WW2 though the date is unknown
She was married but again I do not know whether she married in Austria
and emigrated or else met her husband in Palestine. I have searched the IKW
records in Vienna and couldn't find any marriage record.
She was living in Haifa in 1960 with her husband but had no children.
The date of her death is unknown.
I am hoping that someone can help me check the death records and or burial
records for Haifa >from 1960 to say 1985 and that these records might contain
either her maiden name of FELDMANN or that the name Theresia/Therese and her
date of birth are matched.
Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.


Peter Heilbrunn
Amersham, England

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