X-Match help #dna

Alison Greengard

I'm hoping someone can help me interpret some X-matches on Family Tree

Tim, Stuart, and Beth all show as 3rd to 5th cousins to each other.

Stuart and Beth share two surnames (Stuart's male line) in common, as
well as the Ukraine for place of origin. Beth is an x-match to Stuart's
paternal grandmother, but not an x-match to Stuart. So is she related
to Stuart in more than one way?

Tim is an x-match to Stuart but not to Stuart's paternal grandmother.
So is Tim related to Stuart differently than Beth is? Or since she
might be related to Stuart in more than one way, Tim could be related
to Beth in one of the ways?

The chromosome browser shows Tim and Stuart overlapping, and Beth and
Stuart overlapping, with a few very small overlaps between all three.

Thank you,

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

GREENGARD (Virbalis, Lithuania)
NEWMAN/NEUMANN (Lissa, Prussia now Leszno, Poland)
WEBER (Kachau, Hungary now Kosice, Slovakia)
KOSMISNKI (Kempen, Prusia now Kepno, Poland)
Spain, Italy, Prague, Egypt, Morocco, Rhodes)

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